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Posted on July 21, 2015 at 12:05 AM Comments comments (15892)

Brady and crew did an awesome job cutting down 2 trees for me. The work was completed ahead of schedule and they left our yard completely clear of debris. They did a quality job and I am completely satisfied. ~Chris Batson

From City of Helena letter carrier

Company~ USPS

I see these guys work in town while I'm on my route. They do a great job and most of all from what I've seen with their cleanups on the job, they do an excellent job! ~Gary Russell

Brady's did a great job for us! Nice, polite and when they were finished they cleaned up so well you couldn't tell what a huge job they had just done. My trees still look great 3 years later! ~Rosann Varju Grandy

Wanted to give appreciation to Brady’s Tree Service for what they accomplished today and for the amazing work!!! Although I was sad to see this tree go, the roots were coming to the surface and ruining the lawn and we were afraid it would affect the water lines, septic area that’s close and we didn’t want to take the chance of it falling (pictures don’t show what they had to work with). Brady came out on a weekend to give us an insanely fair estimate and as you can see did a great job. The work is amazing and I couldn’t be happier! If you need tree service I highly recommend Brady’s Tree Service! Their work is amazing and their customer service is top notch! ~Jennifer Sheehan

Great work, very professional, great people, will have more work done again. ~Brenda Deshner

Very glad to be working with these genuine people! They are experts in their field and very personable. They came on Saturday to give us a free estimate. They were prompt and easy to talk to. Thank you Merla and Brady! See you in June! ~Brooke Brooks

Thanks to Brady’s Tree Service for a quick and efficient removal of a problem tree. After noting a safety hazard to both my house and my neighbors, they made it a priority to remove the tree the very same day. It was snowing and generally miserable, but they quickly and efficiently removed the tree, left the job site clean, and even spent time trimming on another tree that needed some work.Thanks to Brady and his crew for prompt and efficient service! ~Kelly Flynn 4/13/2018

Thank you very much for a great job taking down the Spruce tree in our back yard. The clean-up was exceptional. I'll be happy to recommend your service to others.~ Lonnie & Phyllis Brookshire

These guys are awesome. They took a huge tree down for me today and they did a wonderful job. I really can't say enough about them they are all very nice professional and do excellent work. ~ Tanya Chamberlain


 AWESOME WORK!!!! I took advantage of this warm weather and trusted these guys to my yard..... they were there when they said they would be, they did EXACTLY what I wanted, offered great advise, and left my messy winter gardens in better shape for me next spring! Brady did a wonderful job with my large, and some dangerous, trees. I'm so proud of my tress now! I would hire them in a heart beat! They were also flexible enough to add in a couple of odd things I needed. Trees, plowing, wood delivery.... these guys are wonderful!! ~Deb Remillard

Merla and Brady:


From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for your contribution to the well-being of a fellow disabled veteran. She said thank you a thousand times and I want you to know how good it felt to know, once again, I can count on you! God Bless you! ~Carol Kiley

 My trees certainly "shaped" up after their trim last year. They have never looked better, I do believe my aspen is the grandest in all Helena. Ready to sign up for another year of snow service - hope for your sake the snow season isn't as nasty as last year. Thanks for keeping our sidewalks plowed and safe! ~Mary Whittinghill



A great company to work with. The crews are polite and professional. They did an outstanding job on our property. Thanks guys!~El-Spear Stinar



This is an AMAZING company that does AWESOME work!!! The guys on Brady's team are very friendly, hard working and they get the job done quickly. Brady is a great person to work with, he is honest and he works right along with his team so he knows how the job is going at all times. This company completely impressed me and my husband, we will definitely be using this company again next summer!!!!! Thank you for all your hard work!!!!!!! ~Debbie McNay



Big shout out to Brady's Tree Service. They did an EXCEPTIONAL job on our yard and trees. Professional and fast workers. Can't recommend them enough. ~Dan Bernhardt



Just wanted to thank you for doing an exceptional job on my mom's yard! My brother, his fiancé, and myself wanted to surprise my mom with getting a few things done in her yard. Your prices are so reasonable and she was ECSTATIC! Thank you again! ~Tina Crum



Amazing work! Our yard looks better than it ever has. Thanks Brady!~Teresa Phillips Schulz



Great job. Can't wait till next year when we can do more clean out! ~Linda Garwood



Brady's tree service does a great job at affordable pricing. They came in cut down four of my trees and cleaned the area up very nicely. I will be using them again. Thanks Brady ~Juno Walter



Brady is very knowledgeable, friendly, fair, and does fantastic work. He really cares about quality and customer satisfaction.~Kelsey Wilkerson



Awesome tree service, run by a guy who has been in the business for 20 + years! Wouldn't trust anyone else when it comes to tree work.~Lexsey Van Norman



Heck of a guy!!! Great tree man!!!does a great job!!!! ~Jason Fowler



Thanks for plowing me out! Fast friendly service - great job done. ~Cindy Tenneson



Great service and awesome job!!! Would definitely use again and recommend to anyone. ~Matt Witte



Such an amazing difference! Sooo happy that they paid attention to the fact we wanted to save some so our 5 year old son could climb. Thanks for an amazing job on the trees AND the yard is terrific! ~Leah Hoffman Bernhardt



Amazing, honest and community oriented company! We always try to support companies that give back, and you are at the top of our list! ~Cindie Powell Bacon



These guys do a great job and fast. They also do a great job of clean-up after. Thanks for the 3 tree removal for me. ~Terry Tecca



We just had them work at our house. I love it!!! I wish I would have taken before photo and after to post. The job they did was great!! They came to give a estimate one day, the next day it was finished!! We will continue to use them in the future. ~Angela Dea Decker



Thank you Thank You Thank you Brady and your employees for removing old bushes and trees from our property what an excellent job. The men were all very professional and courteous and your prices are very fair... We highly recommend Brady's Tree Service for all the qualities I have mentioned... the Browns- George & Loretta Brown



Would like to give a shout out to Brady's Tree Service. Brady and employee's were all very professional. They were quick to respond, only took about 45min to plant two trees and they even cleaned up afterwards which I appreciate very much. The price was also very fair. Thanks for a job well done. You will be hearing from me again when I'm ready to plant more trees. ~Susan Fladland



I will tell y'all that ,"Brady's Tree Service," is very honest and very dependable. When they tell you they are going to be here to do the job they do it. We paid them in advance because we weren't going to be home when they came and they came just as they said and got the job done and they did it right. I would highly recommend them. ~ Marnie Mowles-Townsend



They did a great job at my house, I expected at least some uncollected debris, but they cleaned up so well, I couldn't tell they were there.

~Eric Cheeseman


 You guys (and girls..Merla..) did a wonderful job at our place. Your staff is courteous and knowledgeable. You did what you said you would - very good and very clean. A job well done and thank you very much. Will recommend your services any time ! ~Marius Abel


 What a crew!! Starting with the big chief (Merla) following with three very capable, well trained young men, then finishing with an experienced and knowledgeable owner of his business, big Papa Brady. I enjoyed watching them work, how efficiently and carefully they use the equipment. And after the job is done, the site is left cleaner than when they started. It's a pleasure to deal with a local company that works the old fashion way. Excellent Service!! I highly recommend Brady's Tree Service. ~Liz Scholz

I wish there was a 10 star option. This crew is THAT good. From scheduling with Merla & Brady to the guys coming out, as planned, on time, and doing an incredible job. We just added serious value to our home. Such a professional rarely see that much these days. I wish I had before & afters but I will next time cuz we are already planning on next year. ~Kiki Moses

Feedback from a Helena Citizen:

 Just want to give a shout out to your team of worker's. I was traveling north today on a side street and saw people working trimming a tree and then I saw where I believe a tree was removed in the front yard. This was the cleanest worksite I've seen! Your employee's are very conscience of traffic and pedestrians as well as the people they are working for! Just a public observation! Good work and thanks! ~Sandi Benson

Brady's did a marvelous job on my big scruffy maple tree, and the price was more than reasonable! Thanks guys.

~Michele Crepeau


I'd like to thank Brady and his crew not only was the job done as scheduled, the sight was cleaned as if they'd never been in our yard. His crew was incredibly polite and courteous which says alot about the integrity of this company! Thank you Brady's Tree Service ~Jennifer Fritz


Brady and his crew did a great job taking down a huge pine tree in my backyard. They worked around existing structures, so little had to be done to prepare for this. They did an excellent job in cleaning up. I was very pleased with their work and would recommend their business to others. Thanks Brady. ~Ora Kjos

We would highly recommend Brady's Tree Service for removing huge pine trees in small front yards. The crew did what was promised and they did it in a timely fashion. The crew was wonderful. They answered all of our questions and honored any requests that we had. Much thanks to Mr. Brady and his knowledgeable crew. ~Sandra Smith

Brady's crew did a great job removing some trees for us. They were fast, efficient, and did a quality job all the way around. And the price was great too - Thanks guys!!! ~Justin Wilcutt

Awesome service from a super nice bunch of people. Thank you!! ~ Mary Gilbert

I asked about getting an estimate and ended up having the tree gone that week. Stump and all. I was left very impressed. If I ever need to deal with a tree again for any reason I know where I'll be going. Thanks Brady & crew! ~ Eric Hawkins

Brady and his crew did an amazing job falling trees for me. The crew was hardworking, professional and polite. Clean up was extremely thorough. I would definitely recommend them and will be calling on them again in the future.~Cathy White



Dangerous Tree Work/Avoid Being Scammed!

Posted on July 7, 2015 at 1:40 PM Comments comments (39457)

How to Avoid Being Scammed By a Tree Service


Many people are unaware that the tree industry is one of the most dangerous professions. Because of the nature of working near live power lines, at extreme heights and with dangerous tools, tree work carries a heavy risk of serious injury and death. For your protection and peace of mind, it is essential that you understand how your tree service is working not only to protect the health of your trees, but to protect you from potential liabilities.

Fact: Insurance in the tree industry is very expensive, especially workers compensation. Companies often do not carry proper insurance to protect you from liability, and some will stretch the truth to convince you everything is covered when they are under insured and many are unaware of what coverage is needed.

Remember, where a lot of money is involved, there is a lot of motivation to bend the truth. Do your own research and get certificates of insurance. No one should ever be offended or hesitant when you ask for proof of insurance!

It is much cheaper simply to print “fully insured, workers’ compensation and liability insurance” on a card or ad than it is to buy coverage. This deception is made especially easy and profitable because very few customers actually check to see if insurance is in place until after an accident happens.

Workers Compensation is the most expensive and the most necessary insurance. It covers injuries that tree company employees or owners suffer at work. This is the only real protection you can have from the liability of someone being injured while working on your property. There is no substitute for it!

Workers comp tricks to watch out for:


Some tree contractors claim they do not need workers comp because they have fewer than five employees. It is true that the law doesn’t require workers comp for non-construction businesses with less than five employees. But that will come as little comfort when liability bounces straight to you after the company owner is or claims to be unable to pay for the injury of a worker.

Another myth you may hear is that workers comp is not needed if the owner is the only employee. If the owner is injured and can’t pay, you are just as liable. Additionally, no one should ever do tree work alone, as this greatly increases the chance of severe injury or death.

One trick is to carry workers comp on only one employee working at least 20 hours a week. This saves a tree company huge amounts if it employs several workers because workers comp premiums are based on pay roll reports. A valid insurance certificate is meaningless if most employees are being paid “under the table” as subcontractors with no insurance.

Fully Insured: The phone book will have many advertisements with the term “fully insured.” What does it mean? More often than not, it means a tree company does not have the insurance you need and doesn’t want you to ask many questions. You must ask, however, because “fully insured” can easily mean absolutely nothing.

Some prices are simply too good to be true. Customers should be cautious of companies that get business based on always having the cheapest price. More often than not, they are not paying insurance premiums or properly training employees. This means they are more likely to have accidents and less likely to have insurance. Often the difference in cost is workers compensation; this is one corner you cannot afford to cut.

Do your homework! Ask for insurance certificates!



Will My Homeowner's Insurance cover Tree Removal Costs?

Posted on July 7, 2015 at 1:25 PM Comments comments (1281)

Don't count on your homeowner's insurance company to pay to remove dead or dying trees from your property to avoid future damage. Insurance companies generally consider this a maintenance responsibility of the homeowner. Only after the tree falls due to an insured peril will a homeowner’s policy pay.

But letting nature take its course and allowing the tree to fall in an attempt to save removal costs can be a dangerous strategy. A falling tree can seriously injure or kill people and pets. If risk to life and limb is not enough, consider the time and significant inconvenience of having to repair a badly damaged home. If you have a dead or dying tree on your property, it is recommended that you pay a reputable tree service to remove it before it causes damage or injury.

Once a tree falls, homeowner’s insurance coverage for tree removal varies widely from insurer to insurer. It's best to call your agent to determine what your policy will cover. Most homeowner’s policies will only pay for tree removal if a fallen tree lands on your home, deck or fence. A few insurance companies will pay for tree removal if it simply falls without causing physical damage to a structure, but this is not typical. The amount of coverage for tree removal also varies between insurers. The general standard seems to be $500 per loss, although some carriers offer endorsements to increase coverage to $1,000 per loss.

Coverage for the removal of tree debris and the subsequent structural damage to property is only provided if an insured peril causes the tree to fall. Such insured perils include wind, fire or lighting. If an uninsured peril caused the tree to fall, neither the removal of tree debris nor the resulting damage to physical property is covered.

A few notable limitations regarding tree removal coverage should be understood. Importantly, coverage for the removal of tree debris and the subsequent structural damage to property is only covered if an insured peril causes the tree to fall. Such insured perils include wind, fire or lighting. If an uninsured peril caused the tree to fall, neither the removal of tree debris nor the resulting damage to physical property is covered. 

Damage caused by insects is commonly excluded from coverage on most homeowner’s policies. For people dealing with infestations of emerald ash borers or other invasive critters, this is a particularly important exclusion to understand.

Yes, having dead or dying trees removed can be expensive. But the cost of failing to remove them can be much greater, in terms of injury, physical damage to your property, and the eventual impact of a high-cots claim on your insurance premium. It's best to be a responsible homeowner and remove dangerous hazards before they cause harm.

Information about hiring us or an Arborist

Posted on May 29, 2015 at 4:35 PM Comments comments (33851)

Just a little information to people regarding ads about Certified Arborists and them wanting to do your tree work. We have recently had people call our office who have had very outrageous bids for tree work from certified Arborists. Big tree removals require experience, equipment and man power!


Yes, certified Arborists have knowledge about your trees etc, but most of them still climb trees instead of using much safer equipment, like lifts or boom trucks. Most of them do not have the necessary equipment to do the job in a timely manner or the crew to do it. Equipment such as lifts, chippers etc. They usually work alone, which means they bid the jobs for more time/days to complete it, therefore your estimate WILL BE higher.


A certified Arborist can tell you if your tree is sick and what needs to be done, however some of them do not have the experience in the field actually doing the work. Some do...some don't. We can also advise you about the health and condition of your trees and proper pruning techniques.


At Brady's Tree Service, LLC we have the insurance, experience, knowledge, equipment and crew to do your job safely and efficiently and SAVE you some money! We've been doing trees for over 25 years! Give us a call at 202-4293.

What to know when hiring a Tree Service

Posted on May 29, 2015 at 4:35 PM Comments comments (8846)

Hiring a Tree Care Company- What You Need to Know:


Knowing how to hire a tree care company is critical to ensuring you get the best care possible for your trees. If you know what to look for in a tree care company, you can be confident that the individuals working on your trees are knowledgeable, properly equipped and will put safety first. These questions will help you become an informed consumer who can expect quality work.


How long have they been in business? How much experience do they have? Ask questions! One local company states they have been doing tree work for over 25 years, however the owner is only approx. 32 years old. So...did he start doing tree work at the age of seven? Get some background information to help make your decision.


Does your company have current workers compensation as well as personal and property damage insurance? Feel free to ask for proof. Reputable companies should be able to provide current certificates of insurance. If an uninsured worker gets hurt on your property, you could be held liable.


Does your company have references for similar work performed? Tree care can be a major investment. You should not feel hesitant to ask for, and check, references. Companies with a good track record will gladly provide them.


Does your company employ a crew or just one man working alone. The estimate you receive can be much higher if it is just one person performing the work, as it will take more time to complete your job.


Does the company you are considering conduct themselves in a professional manner. Do they have literature about their business? Do they dress appropriately, or show up in tank tops and shorts? All of these things can help your decision.


Did they return your phone call right away? Did they show up to give you the estimate when they said they would?


Will the company be responsible for the disposal of all limbs and debris? If a tree is being removed, will the stump be removed and cleaned up? Make certain that the full scope of the work to be done is covered in the original price estimate.


No matter how companies answer questions, if you are not comfortable feel free to shop around. In fact, getting more than one estimate is a good idea. Estimates may not be free, but they can provide needed information to help you choose a tree care company.


The questions above should provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision about your tree care needs. Remember, trees are an investment that if cared for properly can provide substantial returns. Trees are a huge asset to your property value. Be cautious and educated when hiring a company.


Brady's Tree Service, LLC